Tuesday, 14 January 2014

AHC Team Survey Bypasser Scam Review

The AHC Team Survey Bypasser is a Fake Website that Claims To Skip Surveys, It Doesn't work. You will get a virus. Do not waste your time with this tool.
There are many sites like this that promise to skip surveys but most of them are fake or scams.

There is only one verified survey bypasser that actually works and that is << this is the only working survey bypasser. Review

This website is safe to use and is working fine.

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Monday, 13 January 2014

Bypass Any Surveys With

For months I have been searching for a way to bypass surveys on websites such as FileIce and Sharecash, but everything I tried was either fake or a scam to try and make me fill out yet another survey before I could download the file I wanted.

I was truly over the moon when I finally found a website called No More Surveys I could finally download files without completing a survey. All you have to do to skip surveys is go to the website, Paste in your download link and It will skip the survey and give you a free direct download link.

Here are the steps required:

Go to and click download without survey

 STEP 2:
Paste your download link into the box and click bypass survey

Wait for a direct download link and then press download!

Its as easy as that!

I am so happy that this service is available and free for everyone to use.

Hope this helped some of you as much as it helped me!


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